Oregon Bride lays head on her groom
Roses and blossoms


is my passion

Portraiture is what I do best. Whether it’s bridals, families, seniors, or boudoirs, I will find a way to connect with and capture the soul of my subjects. I’ve always been a people person and I see a unique creation in everyone I meet. When I was young, though I was well-behaved, my parents say they had to keep an especially careful eye on me everywhere I went in fear that I would walk off with one of my newly befriended-strangers.

My dance background of eleven years, paired with my professional graphic design and photographic specialties have given me a keen eye for the nuances of even the smallest moment or gesture - allowing me to not only pose and guide my clients with the utmost care, but to beautifully and expertly capture the fleeting, candid moments before they pass us by.