Photographing a boudoir session always becomes a spiritual experience for me. So when you go ahead and make it a maternity boudoir session, well… I’m done for! Truly. The beauty that we captured on Ilford 3200 black and white film in Katie’s bedroom feels incredibly sacred. As a Bend Oregon Photographer, I often capture my subjects outside, in the gorgeous desert landscapes and golden light that Central Oregon is known for. So when I am trusted by my clients to step into their private homes, whether it be for family portraits, engagement sessions, you name it – I am always especially touched.

Oh, and I should probably mention that this gorgeous mama I had the honor of photographing is my amazing sister in law! 

Katie and Taylor are due in March, and words can hardly describe how eager I am to help them welcome their first child into this world. After a difficult year for everyone, this little babe is one of the things filling me with endless amounts of hope and gratitude. I’ll finally become an Auntie (this feels very long-awaited as I’ve always hoped to be the “Cool Wine Aunt” who spoils their niece and nephews with love and attention. The only problem that remains now, is my rather strong distaste for most wine. But, I’m trying. Really, I am!)

When Katie asked me to photograph her boudoir maternity photos within their Bend, Oregon home, I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I adore thoughtful, indoor sessions because they can be equally beautiful, and far more personal, than an outdoor photoshoot in the Pacific Northwest. If you like the idea of snuggling on a couch but don’t feel like you have the perfect space for it in your home, shooting in a studio, like White Aspen Creative in Bend, Oregon or The Gray Lab in either Corvallis or Salem, Oregon is another fantastic option! But whenever possible, I love photographing sessions in the home of my subjects. 

Are you expecting a baby and hoping to capture this ephemeral period of your life? Enquire today to book your very own indoor maternity session with Portland and Bend Oregon Photographer, Kallie Dawn.