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Kallie is a multi-medium wedding, portrait and editorial photographer and creative director working in Portland Oregon and traveling wherever her work takes her. With a formal education and background in the Fine Arts and Design, she works to capture and narrate stories in their truest form - so they may live forever in the hearts of her clients, and those who see them. She has been published in the likes of Oregon Bride Magazine, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Glamour & Grace, The White Wren, Bajan Wed and more.

Kallie's dance background of eleven years, paired with her professional graphic design and photographic specialties have given her a keen eye for the nuances of even the smallest moment or gesture - allowing her to not only pose and guide my clients with the utmost care, but to beautifully and expertly capture the fleeting, candid moments before they pass us by. Read more about her process, via the "About" page.

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